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" Stairway to the Horizon "
by , published
By treating a vacant space of 40 metres between two domes, this competition program, as rare as it is in architecture, invariably evokes this other contest, almost mythical now, for the construction of the Dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Awarded to the brilliant Filippo Brunelleschi in the mid-fifteenth century, it inaugurated, no more nor less, the consecration of the architect’s role to that of the medieval master builder. More modest, both in terms of budget and function that is both spiritual and lucrative, the competition launched at the end of 2017, by Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal, chose the project by Atelier TAG / Architecture 49, which, it seems, has retained the lesson of the Florentine master: it is not enough to solve the constructive question, rather one must strive to communicate it with wonder, conviction and pedagogy. [...] more
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Concours d'idées pour la reconstruction et la réutilisation de l'église Saint-Paul d'Aylmer
Quebec, Gatineau, 2009
Organized in 2009 by a Catholic parish in the Gatineau neighborhood of Aylmer, this recent one-stage competition aimed to develop ideas for the reconstruction and re-use of a late-nineteenth church that had been gutted by fire. While it attracted only nine proposals by Canadian architects and little media exposure outside the Ottawa-Gatineau area, it is noteworthy both for the quality of the winning entries and for that of the jury, three members of which are nationally renowned heritage experts. More importantly, the competition results offer an unusual perspective on architects' current attitude towards ruined cultural heritage. Should one leave it as it is? Should one restore it to its original state? Or should one take advantage of a catastrophic event in order to rethink the monument otherwise? [...] more
L'Abbaye cistercienne (ancienne abbaye d'Oka)
Quebec, Saint-Jean-de-Matha, 2004
Coalition between koinos bios (life in the community) and monos bios (an inner life) is the life of a monk in the heart of an abbey. The competition of the Cistercian Abbey of Val-Notre Dame exposes the issues of the Cistercian idyllic model; a tension between the historical nostalgia of an enclosed form and the contemporary manifesto of a form opening up to nature. [...] more
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Healing Through Interaction?
by Noémie Robitaille & Newt De Nijs, published 2017-04-03
Saint-Laurent Library - When LEED Becomes the Competition Prize
Concours d'architecture pour la nouvelle bibliothèque de Saint-Laurent
by Carmela Cucuzzella, published 2012-10-13
To embody or pay tribute?
June Callwood Park
by Konstantina Theodosopoulos, published 2013-05-10
Selected announcements
HOME Competition 2018
End of Registration: Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018 Submission: Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018
The Home remains the most significant architectural place we experience throughout our lives. Home represents safety, ownership, privacy, and stability. Home is where we can be alone and with people we care about most. Historically, the home has been a place of permanence. Despite how chaotic our lives are, we cherish the consistency of sleeping in the same bed and performing the same daily rituals here. What do you believe will be the future of home?
SWITCH: Guggenheim Museum I New York
End of Registration: Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 Submission: Friday, Aug 31, 2018
In October 1959, when the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum opened the doors to its new building on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, it promptly became "the obligatory topic of every New York conversation. What if you get a chance to switch FLW's masterpiece with your own expression of Guggenheim? What if you get a chance to step into the master's shoes and be able to design an 'architectural icon'? The aim of the competition is to re-create the iconic museum in NYC by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright at the same exact site but with an entirely new perspective by the participants. The competition offers a chance to re-design the museum created by the master himself, with a similar intent to break from the prevalent conventionality in designing a museum and gallery space and create an innovative and extraordinary built form.
Young Architects Competition: Military Museum
End of Registration: June 17th 2018 Submission: June 20th 2018
This is a YAC competition in collaboration with the Italian Government in order to transform the Military Fortress of Capo d'Orso into a museum of the military, marine and navigation history. It will be a place where the account of the events that occurred in this sea stretch can originate one of the most fascinating museums of the Mediterranean. It will attract the millions of tourists who crowd these coasts every year. It will be the new foundation to build a civilization of peace and solidarity.
XENOS Initiative: Solar Ecosystem
End Registration: March 31st 2018 Submission: May 23rd 2018
In collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency, the Cosmodome, the Research Center in Astrophysics of Quebec, the Notman House and the Student Council of the Faculty of Planning of the University of Montreal, this new project finally united the world of design and science with a unique proposition in Canada. The competition, open to all Canadian university students in the fields of architecture, design, interior design and physics, will present an exclusive exhibition and award more than $ 1,000 in prizes. during the opening.
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