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" “Reinventing Our Rivers” – In Quest for an Emerging Value "
by , published
In the province of Quebec, most competitions are approached as a tendering procedure for the awarding of public contracts to design professionals (understood in its broadest sense), where the main objective is the implementation of an already well-defined project on a predetermined site. They come along with documents that reiterate, from one competition to another, similar conditions for the design, presentation and review of proposals, that often include elaborate sketches and even surprisingly exhaustive preliminary project plans. On the one hand, the Functional and Technical Program (FTP) establishes in advance the detailed expectations – and sometimes solutions – of the client regarding the project, in the wake of an early validation of the needs and budgets through modelling. On the other hand, a preformatted Regulation (based on the MCC, MAMOT or City of Montreal template) covers all the information relevant to the competition process, with ever more pressing contractual requirements, a direct consequence of treating contests as an alternative to tendering procedures for the awarding of public contracts. [...] more
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270 Gardens of Delight for Métis 2010
Jardins de Métis 2010 (11e édition)
by Jean-Pierre Chupin, published 2010-02-01
“Paysages Suspendus”: a new step towards the diversification of competitions?
Paysages suspendus
by Jacques White , published 2010-01-01
A Competition With Controversial Outcomes
Salle de spectacle multifonctionnelle à Mont-Laurier
by Audrée P. Mercier, published 2016-11-14
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Matera, City of Culture: A Museum for the Ancient City
End Registration: April 15th 2018 Submission: April 30th 2018
In the context of an ancient city, the contest aims to imagine the new Museum of Culture, a catalyst of tradition that can better represent the historical elements that make up the identity of the city. Exhibitions, local craft halls and an art workshop laboratory will connect visitors and the public to create new synergies. The Matera Museum will combine the traditions of the past with contemporary needs.
10x10 Design Competition
United States
ACSA seeks proposals from architecture students and faculty at ACSA Full and Candidate member schools for the design of a Study Architecture exhibit booth and interactive experience for the 2018 USA Science and Engineering Festival. The 10 x 10 foot booth should reflect the branding and messages of ACSA's Study Architecture and #IMadeThat campaigns. The proposed activities within the booth should engage visitors in understanding how architects and architecture school graduates use science, technology, engineering, and math to design the world.
End Registration: 1 mars 2018 Submission: 11 mars 2018
Marstopia challenges architects, designers and visionaries to engage with the hot topic of life on Mars, inviting them to conceptualize their visions of Marstopia and opening up the debate of Martian colonization to the creative fields. Do you see Martian living as an exciting prospect, or as a step too far? Is living on Mars an inspiring Utopia or a questionable Dystopia? Whatever your stance, this competition provides a platform for creative expression on the future of design and architecture beyond our planet. Marstopia is open to all creatives - both professionals and/or students - from around the world.
Seventh Annual Zero Net Energy Design Competition
United States
Registration: January 10 2018 Submission: January 30, 2018
Architecture at Zero is a zero net energy design competition open to students and professionals worldwide, engaging architecture, engineering, and planning students and professionals in the pursuit of energy efficient design. This year's competition is a science education facility in Tiburon, California. Student registration is free. The challenge is to create a zero net energy bayside community education and visitor's center supporting the mission of the center based in Tiburon. The competition has two components. First, entrants will create an overall site plan to accommodate the program. Entrants are encouraged to highlight any energy efficiency strategies or systems shown. Second, entrants will design two buildings in detail, to indicate zero net energy (ZNE) performance. In order to demonstrate the building design and its performance, entrants will provide required documentation and may also include supplementary documentation.
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