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" A New Dive for Architectural Quality in Laval (Quebec) "
by , published
Launched in 2016, the competition for the Aquatic Complex of Laval marks a new turning point in the city’s relationship to its public architecture. Considering that Laval had not seen a single competition since 1961, this project testifies of a change in the city’s politics. With the goal of hosting the 2020 Jeux du Québec finale, Laval’s call for a sporting facility clearly demonstrates its will to make quality architecture and a healthy lifestyle accessible to both professional athletes and citizens. For the first time ever, the CCC is able to publish the video recordings of the public auditions. [...] more
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More Than Waiting For The Bus / En plus d'attendre le bus - Site 1
Quebec, Montréal, 2017
The competition asked to reflect on the reinvigoration of public spaces around 4 bus stops situated on Sherbrooke Street East in Montreal. Open to students and graduates of less than 5 years in the fields of architecture, design, landscape and urban design, this ideas competition sought both designs that are environmentally engaging; and a series of principles that could be adopted for future implementation in collaboration with the City of Montreal, the STM and private landowners. The chosen slogan, “MORE THAN WAITING FOR THE BUS” invites designers to reflect on contemporary approaches that can help invigorate these spaces in interactive, poetic, critical and meaningful ways: from solely utilitarian to more multi-purposed spaces surrounding bus stops. [...] more
Centre de production des arts de la scène Jean-Besré
Quebec, Sherbrooke, 2004
Montreal «City of Design», Quebec «Land of Architecture»? The touring exhibition produced for the L.E.A.P. by Denis Bilodeau and for the UQAM Design Centre by Marc Choko and Georges Labrecque does not dispense such simple expressions. It is an extensive project that seeks to grasp nearly 15 years of cultural architecture in Quebec from 1991 to 2005. (...) [...] more
Concours de design de la plage de l'Est
Quebec, Montréal, 2013
A design competition for the Eastern Beach, (Montréal, 2013) The design competition of the Eastern Beach highlights a complexity that lies in the affirmation of an integrated architectural landscape gesture, whose intention is to mend ties between the river and the community of Montreal. In the context of this competition, this issue has resurfaced out of the need for an integrative approach between the work of both landscape architects and architects. The collaborative efforts between the two disciplines stood out and the observed complementarity of their approaches was the decisive element in the selection of the winners. [...] more
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Saul Bellow, an integrated design library
Agrandissement de la bibliothèque Saul-Bellow
by Louis Destombes, published 2014-05-20
The Future of the Canadian House in ...1954
Concours Calvert House pour la maison canadienne de demain / International Calvert House Competition for the Canadian home of tomorrow
by Izabel Amaral , published 2007-03-01
Cultural Equipements Rejuvinating: Expanding our Librairies
Agrandissement de la Bibliothèque Montarville-Boucher de la Bruère
by Denis Bilodeau, published 2009-06-01
Selected announcements
International Architecture Competition of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation
31th May 2017 : Start of the competition 19th November 2017 : Entry deadline
The first action of the Foundation is to encourage a different view for tomorrow's world, while taking into account requirements linked to the worlds of Sea and Space. The Foundation aspires to promote the development of highly innovative and promising projects by providing awards of € 7 500 for the Grand Prix and € 2 500 for the Focus, creating synergies between initiatives and skills.
Reinventing our rivers: Call for ideas
30th June 2017 : Registration deadline 25th August 2017 : Competition submission deadline
The City of Québec is launching an international ideas competition.There are four rivers--the Cap Rouge, Saint-Charles, Beauport, and Montmorency--within City limits. Each has its own specific characteristics,but all are major tributaries of the St. Lawrence River. In this sense, each has played a key role in the city's ongoing development. Now the goal is to breathe new life into these rivers by giving them a major boost.
29th June 2017 Registration deadline 30th June 2017 : Competition submission deadline
The competition seeks the creation of an elementary school (age group 5-12) that completely negates the present day 'bench-table-chalkboard' idea of a classroom and a regularized building typology of a school. The competition seeks to radicalize the school system through architecture not only in terms of improving the quality of study environment but revamping the system and breaking all the physical and metaphorical class divisions into an entirely new school system.
18th June 2017: registration deadline 06th August 2017: Competition submission deadline
PISA CONFERENCE HALL will be integrated in a context in which instances of the past are very strong today. The proposed project will have to know how to setup one crucial point that represents a three union between Piazza del Duomo and the University campus. Architecture that will become an important contemporary piece to the historic city.
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