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Architects, the CCC belongs to you!
by Jean-Pierre Chupin, published 2006-06-01
Since its launch in April of 2006, the CCC has been visited by more than 2500 people, in numerous different countries and more than 25000 pages have been consulted. These statistics are encouraging for our team and we eagerly anticipate the active participation of architects and students in assisting us with updates of this valuable publication.

The majority of search engines now produce results (and quite rapidly) for searches on architects having participated in an architectural competition in Canada and more than half of all visitors who access our site do so from Google. Undoubtedly, it is mainly the latest competitions that interest visitors of the CCC, however it is increasingly evident that this library of projects permits those who take the time to consult it, to discover many "little treasures". For example, the competition for the Musée d'art contemporain (1983) - which is perhaps less well-known to a younger generation, and for which our documentation is limited to several reproductions of black and white drawings, delivers nonetheless a remarkable overview of architectural production during the 1980s in Québec as well as the rest of Canada.

The June 2006 update of the CCC includes items of particular interest, such as: projects submitted to the competition organized by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (2004), recent images of the winning project by Jacques Plante for the Théâtre de la Bordée in Québec City as well as the réaménagement du Musée de la Gaspésie and the Palais Montcalm competitions. We also made it a priority to correct a few errors and omissions that were communicated to us via our e-mail address (leap-lab@umontreal.ca) and encourage all visitors to collaborate in this collective publication.

Finally, you will also notice the addition of two drop-down menus on the main page of the Canadian Competitions Catalogue that enable searches by "City" or by "Category" or architectural typology.
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