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" Capturing views of tomorrow’s inclusive city  "
by , , published
Launched on June 15, 2020, this competition, addressed to students of the four faculties of design and architecture in Quebec, called for innovative approaches, in a context of humanitarian, climatic and health crises. The development of student projects coincided with major social upheavals, from the significant deterioration of public health caused by the first waves of COVID-19 to repeated and umpteenth instances of crimes and injustices committed against visible minorities all over the world. All spheres of design are now involved in the implementation of various solutions to address these issues: in order for our society to evolve in the face of the above-mentioned crises, the practice of architecture and the legislative framework surrounding the profession must change. To this end, can the innovative thinking that "Repenser la rue commerciale" incites be a vector for the evolution of the architectural profession? Can we perceive, among the solutions that were proposed, views which may capture tomorrow’s inclusive city? [...] more
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Reimagining the Experience of Public Transportation / Ré imaginer l'expérience du transport en commun dans une métropole post-pandémique
-, -, 2021
81 teams of students from 16 countries and 4 continents participated in this ideas competition which asked for new ways to encourage and renew the experience of public transport in the wake of a global sanitary crisis. How can we open up avenues for redefining an enhanced relationship to urbanity through the sharing of public spaces? The jury chose to reward 5 projects and gave 2 honorary mentions for exemplary ways of reimagining the experience of public transportation in a post-pandemic metropolis. [...] more
TOWNSHIFT Suburb into City / Cloverdale : Round Up
British Columbia, Surrey, 2009
Launched in November 2009, the Townshift ideas competition was the largest international ideas competition of its time. Five challenges were planned by this competition; all at different scales within the city of Surrey. With 138 competitors for the combined 5 competitions: (Fleetwood, Semiahmoo, Guildford, Newton, and Cloverdale) the city centers were infused with fresh and innovative ideas, from all over the world. The proposals came from 31 different countries and therefore represented a true international ideas competition. [...] more
Concours Nordicité (Volet Professionnel)
Quebec, Montréal, 2013
Held in Montreal in 2013, the idea competition “Nordicité” provoked a conversation on new urban facilities and public spaces adapted to winter conditions to “celebrate how winter affects our daily lives.” This international competition hosted 24 professional teams and 12 student teams, each involved in the field of development and design; the winner was offered a cash prize and broadcast media (websites, social media). The question was: How can architects and designers rethink the urban environment to improve the winter experience in our everyday life? [...] more
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The Saint-Hubert Library
Nouvelle Bibliothèque de Saint-Hubert
by Pierre Boyer-Mercier, published 2009-10-01
Canadian landscape: A deferred invention
Point Pleasant Park International Design Competition
by Jean-Pierre Chupin, published 2006-09-01
Edmonton Park Pavilions (2011): 1 single jury for 5 simultaneous competitions
Edmonton Park Pavilion : Borden Park
by Hugo Duguay , published 2016-01-26
International Architectural Competition for the Design of PHI Contemporary
Grand Finalists Announcement: July 15, 2022
Located in Old Montreal, and built upon a site rife with history - comprising an assemblage of four historical buildings and an adjacent vacant lot - PHI Contemporary will consolidate the public cultural offer currently housed within PHI Foundation and PHI Centre. It is with great pleasure, PHI announces that following the public presentations of the 5 Finalists to the Jury, 2 Grand Finalists were selected to form their multidisciplinary team and advance to the final stage of the competition.
International Architectural Competition for the new Montreal Holocaust Museum
Finalists Announcement: April 8, 2022
The Musée Holocauste Montréal is recognized for its leadership role in Holocaust education, preservation and transmission of Holocaust remembrance and history in Canada, and for its work on contemporary human rights issues. The Museum aims to achieve the highest level of architectural excellence, to make a lasting impression on the landscape of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, to connect with new audiences, and to create a significant impact on present and future generations. The Montreal Holocaust Museum (MHM) is proud to announce the finalists of the first stage of the international architectural competition. The jury has selected the following four finalists from among thirty-two projects received from nine countries and submitted anonymously to the jury in the first stage of the competition: Atelier TAG et L'OEUF architectes en consortium; Saucier+Perrotte Architectes; KPMB Architects + Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker; Pelletier de Fontenay + NEUF architect(e)s
La ville ensemble, toutes et tous
Registration Deadline: March 26, 2022 Submission Deadline: July 23, 2022
The 2022 National Architecture Ideas Competition "La ville ensemble, toutes et tous" is organized by the Cercle de Zaha. The aim of the competition is to encourage students and young graduates to take into account the subject of gender and the integration of all in the design of public space. The theme of the competition was "la ville ensemble, toutes et tous" (the city together, all of us), designing an exemplary non-gendered space. The subject of the competition is the Place Jean Jaurès in Lyon, in the 7th district. (CRC translation)
9th Advanced Architecture Contest: Design for biocities
Call for Candidature : 1st of june 2022
This year's competition challenges students and professionals from all over the world to propose how to design urban spaces, cities, buildings, objects, or solutions of any scale, directed towards the transition to Biocities. These responses should explore how we might adapt to the changing relations between human and natural systems in a moment of climate crisis. Cities have always reflected the civilizations that built them, and at this critical moment where climate change is transforming our living environment, we must rethink our position of domination in relation to all that surrounds us. To respond to rising concerns of the bursting of planetary boundaries, which regulate the stability and resilience of the earth system as it currently stands, we urge the need to simultaneously look at nature based as well as advanced technological solutions to reimagine resilient cities of the future.
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