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" Please, will you draw me an elementary school competition (about 5 competitions organized in Quebec by LAB-École in 2019-2020) "
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In 2020, judging by the number of architecture competitions held in Quebec over the past two decades and the number of award-winning buildings, it is easier to find an excellent library than an elementary school worthy of the name. This series of 5 competitions - open and in two phases - organized by the LAB-École organization therefore confronted two contradictory convictions: the certainty that places of schooling forge and shape what we are since early childhood and this conviction, widespread among public decision-makers, that we could basically study and teach anywhere. Particularly well organized by LAB-École, these competitions show, on the contrary, that architecture is not a luxury, but a necessity. For contexts as different as Saguenay, Maskinongé, Rimouski, Gatineau and Shefford, the proposals prove to be rich in reflections demonstrating that the question of primary school remains complex and cannot be circumscribed in models that can be repeated - in blue, wood or aluminum - whatever the context. [...] more
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Concours provincial d'architecture pour écoles primaires
Quebec, , 1964
Organized by the government of Quebec, the "provincial architecture competition for elementary school" was launched in the midst of the "quiet revolution", under the watchful eye of the religious authorities hitherto in charge of education. Traditional schools had to make way for new spatial organizations and a vast educational project began with the publication of the now famous "Parent Report" (1964). What is felt today as the sad memory of the so-called "prefabricated" places of education is probably not what the organizers had foreseen in terms of the renewal of school architecture. The fact remains that the analysis of the jury report shows the disproportionate importance of two criteria that converged on the same principle: identifying new standard plans and verifying that they could accommodate the industrialization of construction. [...] more
Ryerson Post-Secondary International Student Housing Competition
Ontario, Toronto, 2009
With the launch of the REZ - Student Competition for the Design of a University Residence Building in downtown Toronto, Canada international ideas competition, competition organizers invited students in the fields of architecture, engineering, interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture to reflect on the nature of today's universities, as well as the social, intellectual and urban role of a student residence in the heart of Toronto. There was a commitment to the excellence of the architectural project and a conviction that creative partnerships were essential in order to achieve a better downtown. In the end, among the 23 high-rises submitted for the competition, the playful HAVE A NICE DAY! project came out on top. It was the unanimous winner due to its clear visuals and explanation. [...] more
Northern Ontario School of Architecture / L'École d'architecture du Nord de l'Ontario
Ontario, Sudbury, 2009
The proposed school of architecture that has been emerging for some years at Laurentian University is guided by the intuition of the possible impacts that such a school would have in Sudbury, more conveniently referred to as North of Ontario. The expected impact for Sudbury would certainly be the cultural contribution of the school by its activities as well as the possible links with local industries. [...] more
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Dominion Housing Act Small House Competition
by Éléanor Juste, published 2019-11-05
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Concours Nordicité (Volet Professionnel)
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Selected announcements
Senegal Elementary School "Sambou Toura Drame"
Subscription : between August 05 and November 25, 2020 Submission Deadline : November 25, 2020
Archstorming, in collaboration with the NGO Let's Build my School are launching a competition in Marsassoum, Senegal, to build a new elementary school. A temporary school made of tin and bamboo is already on the site, but often collapses during the rainy season. The proposal should not require construction skills, should use sustainable, local and recycled materials, and above all should be easily replicable so that the inhabitants can draw inspiration from it to build their houses.
What is Sustainable Architecture ?
Registration Deadline : November 11, 2020 Submission Deadline : December 14, 2020
Bee Breeders, in partnership with ARCHHIVES BOOKS, is calling on all disciplines to submit an essay on eco-responsible design. Entrepreneurs, architects, designers and investors are all potential pioneers of sustainable architecture and are invited to propose their point of perspective on new technologies that allow the construction and maintenance of buildings in cities with a lower impact on the environment. The selected text will be part of the publication "What is Sustainable Architecture? " which will be printed in spring 2021.
Microhome 2020 - Small Living, Huge Impact !
Registration Deadline : November 04, 2020 Submission Deadline : December 09, 2020
For a second edition, Bee Breeders is launching Microhome, a competition that is part of the Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement and aims to find solutions to rethink residential property for new generations. Participants must design a home for a young couple of a maximum of 25 m2 with no specific location. Through the architectural methods, the jury is looking for a sustainable design and that seeks to solve cultural, social or economic issues.
RE-Imagining Railway Stations
Registration Deadline: September 11, 2020, Closing date for submissions: September 15, 2020
The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) invites architects from all over the world to design new small and medium sized train stations across England's rail network. The challenge is to create spaces that enhance the passenger experience and stimulate local communities. These reinvented train stations will have to be designed according to a number of sustainability criteria, including a 'net zero' environmental impact.
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