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" Architects on the Front Line: Activism Through Imaginary "
by , , published
Architectural ideas competitions and the reflection they stimulate constitute an open field for planning professionals to step back and examine the structural and institutional frameworks that govern their practice. In the fall of 2021, Urbanarium launched The Mixing Middle Competition, an ideas competition aimed at encouraging reflection on the densification of single-family neighbourhoods through the introduction of mixed-use development in Metro Vancouver. Competitors were asked to come up with alternative narratives for the future of these neighbourhoods that are considered single-use and subject to restrictive regulations. Through their proposals, they were to challenge the models of financing, ownership and zoning that still dominate land-use planning practices and in so doing contribute to shaping living environments. [...] more
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Annie Thao Vy Nguyen (Étudiante) + Jean-Pierre Chupin, Ph.D., September 27 2023
Jean-Pierre Chupin et Jacques White, September 11 2023
Lucie Palombi, July 6 2021
Concours d'architecture pluridisciplinaire - Espace culturel Aurèle-Dubois - Agrandissement et réaménagement
Submissions Deadline: June 19, 2023
Finalists Announcement: August 31, 2023
The project will enable the library to be enlarged to increase its floor area and reorganize its spaces to meet the needs of the population, and the cultural center to be refurbished and enlarged to provide a professional, multidisciplinary cultural facility. There are also plans to develop new premises to accommodate creation, production and dissemination spaces for children and young people, and to pool available spaces to create better utilization and synergy between the various partners.
A New Frontier: The Contemporary Border Crossing
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2023
Results Announcement: August 31, 2023
Border crossing involves a change of state; the crossing of a barrier between two nations. The nature and meaning of this barrier are very specific to its location and the different characters of the nations involved. Borders can mark dramatic transitions between different cultures, political systems, economies, and levels of freedom. They range from open and undefended to closed and heavily militarized. The Canadian Academy of Architecture for Justice (CAAJ) invites architecture students to speculate on these issues in a design competition for a new border crossing. Participants are highly encouraged to explore a wide spectrum of architectural responses from functional and practical at one end to philosophical and social at the other, including ways in which this building or complex could be integrated into the surrounding context and community, act as a catalyst for building a positive relationship between two nations, and address what a border entry means in today's context.
Multidisciplinary architectural competition for the Saint-Charles library
Submission Deadline: June 13, 2023
The project aims to create a fresh new gathering place for the community, highlighting the existing library, a building of heritage interest, and harmoniously integrating it with its surrounding built fabric. The new library is meant to function as an urban agora, a central hub that will amplify the district's reach and influence and create a positive image. The current library requires work to upgrade its services as well as its spaces. The current floor plan of approximately 1,100 m2 will be entirely refreshed and expanded by approximately 1,800 m2 to better serve the local public and enable it to fully realize its mission: to be a welcoming, stimulating and inspiring living environment.
Architectural competition for the renovation of the Gadbois center
Submission Deadline: May 25, 2023
The City of Montréal is launching a multidisciplinary architecture competition for the design of the project to renovate and partially rebuild the centre Gadbois, one of the most important community sports facilities in Montréal. The area around the centre Gadbois is transforming itself into a hotspot for community life in the neighbourhood, now that the Turcot interchange has been rebuilt. The project will renovate and partially rebuild the sports centre, which will include places for socializing and playing sports, in order to promote physical activity. Long term, the centre will continue to host a number of partner organizations and present regional sports events. Specifically, the aim of the competition is to renovate and redevelop the current area of the building (now 5,800 m²) by adding around 1,700 m². The competition ends in November 2023.
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