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Northern Ontario School of Architecture / École d'architecture du Nord de l'Ontario

Stage 1
Daniele Rocchio, Ferdinando Mazza (Winner)
Dylan Sauer, Joe Smith (Second Prize)
Michael Blois, Sean MacLean, Jason Fung (third) (Third Prize)
Marcos Houssay, Leonardo Gabriel Borlenghi, Maria Florencia Patronis (Honourable mention)
Evgeniya Yatsyuk, Olga Yatsyuk (Honourable mention)
Kate Busby, Michael Thicke (Honourable mention)
Nicole LeBlanc (Honourable mention)
Jonathan Mandville, Lynden Giles
Steven Beites
Aleksandr Prusakov
Mahmoud Farduk Gabr Gabr Sheriff
Wilfred Mendoza
Alexander Ross Martinson, Benjamin Daniel McHugh
Andrew Moon, Anja Kronshage-Goodwin, Michal Golinski
Vibhuti (Vickie) Patel, David Borja, Shannon Carpenter
Hans A Schmidt, Michael C. Chappell, Maurice A. Smith
Stephen Lohr, Jeff Garnett, Albert Alverez
Elizabeth Bingenheimer, William McFarland, Amir Safvat
Daphnee Touloumis, Marc Labreque
Rachel Kluger-Weston, Samantha Punjala, Julian Lizarazu, Nina Azavedo
Chris Urner
Olha Romaniuk
Delphine Maumy
Simon Barrette
Josh Pickering
Jonathan Tardif, Guillaume Jacque
Eric Gellman
Oryst H Sawchuk, John Hamalainen, Edward Chiesa, William Fryer
David Giraldeau
Shohei Yokoyama
Craig England, Marianna De Cola
Arion Cavell Williams
Victoria Watson, Jack Rugg, Luke Terry
Holden Jung
Katrina Mitt, Tommy Tso, Eric Lo, Dov Feinmesser
John Nunez III
Eric William Carter
Cedric Jenin
Kim Young kyu, Lee Min Young
Ryan Ven Huizen
Tyler Hughes
Catherine Popple
Subhajit Das
Joseph Juhl
Austin A. Fredrickson
Francois Thibodeau, Shawn Bruins, Beverly Dolson, Thomas J. Agius
Yong Ju Lee
Vincent Carriere Marleau, Simon Chawky
Nathaniel Wooten, Dennis Harvey, Nilus Klingel, Tim Gale
Jesse Taylor, Krassimir Kaltchev, Alec S. Zimmer
Roberto Andonie, Jesus Fabela, Cynthia Tamez
Ana Elisa Delsol, Christian Velasco
Christian Aubin, Dominique Cote, Alexandre Landry, Caroline Le
Amanda McLeod, Karl Vinge, Imtiaz Ashraf
Juan Pablo Azares, Jose Antonio Camara
Erika Strauss
Steve Spoinka
Christopher Cauknecht
Anthony d'Anna
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