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McGill College, l'avenue réinventée / McGill College, the Reinvented Avenue

Stage 1
Stage 2
civiliti + Mandaworks and SNC Lavalin (Winner)
Daoust Lestage architecture (Finalist)
NÓS Architectes (Finalist)
Lemay (Finalist)
Provencher Roy (Finalist)
Catalyse urbaine + Jean-Yves Puyo
MMX YYX architecture AB
Sid Lee Architecture
Ferrier Marchetti Studio + Lupien Matteau
Patriarche Inc
Intégral Jean Beaudoin + Maison Édouard François
Urbanica + Agence RELIEF DESIGN
Ether SHIP
IND international Design + Hugo Sanchez Paisaje
NIP Paysage
Kanva + Projet Paysage
Line Architect inc. + Design NFA inc.
LAND Italia Srl + Daily tous les jours
Voodoo associates - EG architects & partners
2x4 + Lucas Tisné
NAK design strategies
Port Urbanism
Weston Williamson + Partners
A2DESIGN + Morelli Designers
Cohlmeyer Architecture
GR7 Architecture inc.
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