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TOWNSHIFT Suburb into City / Newton : New Town

Stage 1
Alan M. James / Philip C. Davis / Colin Weston / Kim C. Barnsley (Second Prize)
Richard Hulbert / Judy Tang (Second Prize)
Team 77
Team 110
Carole Levesque; Todd Ashton
Fernando Donis
Vladimir Belskiy; Ildar Valishin; Sergey Pospelov; Elena Salonina; Elena Fedorova
Frank Goerge; Carola Goerge
Levi Lanser; Ivo Dieleman 
Erick Villagomez
Nadine Kulka
David Kominek
Sherwin Ruiz
Ty & Kris Korte
Sang Ok Kim; Peng Li
Leif-Peter Fuchs; Dustin Valen; Andi Lo; Tami Johnson
Kate Busby; Michael Thicke
Lillian Mah
Alessandro De Ambrogio; Ida Maria Pan; Sergio Moran
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