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Sea-Change / Changement de cap

Stage 1
Richard Klopp, Agathe LeSage (Winner)
Alvin Bartel (Finalist)
Peter Reese, Rob Grant (Finalist)
Darryl Condon (Finalist)
K. Scot Carr (Mention)
Kevin Hanvey (Mention)
British Columbia Landscape Association Environmental Committee
Kristin Schulberg
Rui Nunes, Shawn Bleet, Robert Fabianik, Stuart Maddocks
Sabrina Leman, Jennifer Franks, Sean Ruthen, Nicole Brink
Scott Parker
Andre Kroeger
John McCormick
Christopher Small
Carl Selden
Robert Bradbury
Rod Maruyama
Teresa Vandertuin
P. Charbonneau
Steven Cox
Cecila Achiam, David Yurkovich, B. Kezia Wong, Heng Song
Brian Aman, Rob Bateman, Jeff Gavistin
Dwight Atkinson
Graham Bolton
Bourke Bruegger Architects
Cedric Burgers
Steven Cheung, Catherine Yeung
Maia Chowdhury
De Hoog, D'Ambrosio, Rowe Architects
Chris Doray
Eco-Design: Paul Kernan, Michel Labrie
Jonathan Ehling
Marianne Enhorning
Michael Fox
Ian Grais, Charles Leman
Mark Geatrix
Sabina Hill
Jules Killam and Sarah
Joldine Lee
Deborah Lefrank
J.P. Maruszczak
Nicole May
Keith McKeown
Shabnam Monadizadeh, Ian McLean, Sophie Mankowska
Pat Murphy, Terry Johnson, Darcy Fortier
Mike Noble, Sarah Rahman
Peter North, Pierre Belanger
Elizabeth Ohi
Steven Palmier
Danielle Pepin
Savina Preseuth
Sharif Senbel
Richard Sporns, Shane Ripon
Rolando G. Torres, Raymundo Vicente
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